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Scholarships 101

Female students working in classroom at college campus

I Wasn’t a Top Student and Still Earned Scholarships. Here’s How.

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My Small Scholarships Were Actually Really Helpful

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Best Online Resources for Finding Scholarships

Christopher Gray, CEO and founder of Scholly

How I Won Over $1 Million in Scholarships for College

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How to Qualify for Scholarships

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5 Things You May Not Know About Athletic Scholarships

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The FAFSA® Opens in December. Here Are 5 Tips to Prepare Now

How Much Does College Actually Cost?

Financial Experts Share Their Best Advice on Paying for College

Student and college admissions officer looking at application documents

How to Communicate with Admissions Officers When You’re Applying to College

Student wearing headphones and taking the FAFSA quiz on a laptop

College Enrollment Is Dropping. What Does That Mean as You Apply to College?

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How to Get More Financial Aid When Your Family’s Finances Have Changed

Students wearing face masks in a classroom taking ACT® and SAT® exams

Major Ways COVID Changed the SAT® and ACT® Exams

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8 Admissions Trends to Be Aware of When Applying to College

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Should You Accept All the Federal Student Loans You're Offered?

Experts Break Down a Financial Aid Award Letter

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Compare Private Student Loans

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You Received a Waitlist Letter from a College. Now What?

Parents and their child talking about paying for college

How to Talk to Parents About Paying for College

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Not Awarded Enough Aid? 4 Effective Ways to Cut Your College Costs

Don’t Let These 8 Common Award Letter Mistakes Cost You Money

Student excitedly looking at their college acceptance letters on a laptop

I Got Into Several Schools. Here’s How I Decided Where to Go

Student researching scholarships at home on a laptop

5 Common Scholarship Myths That Could Cost You Money

Does Starting at Community College Really Save Money?

Parents relaxing on the couch while discussing how to save for their child's tuition

My Kid's in High School. How Do I Save for College Now?

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Do No-Need Applicants Have an Advantage Over Those Who Need Aid?

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7 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Borrowed Student Loans

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My Scholarship Changed Everything

College student wearing earbuds and holding an open notebook reflecting on what they wished they knew before applying to college

What I Wish I Knew Before I Applied to College

High school counselor asking parents why they don't want their child to go to college

What to Do When Parents Don’t Want Their Kid to Go to College

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A Real College Student’s Monthly Budget

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Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Financial Aid?

Two high school students holding textbooks excited for an overnight college visit

How to Prepare for an Overnight Stay at a University

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Still Don’t Know How You’re Paying Tuition? Here’s What to Do

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5 Questions Admissions Officers Want Applicants to Ask

Four high school students walking up the stairs while sharing where they want to go to college

The Debate: Go Away to College or Stay Local?

How to Find a Cosigner If Your Parents Aren't an Option

Why Deferring College Acceptance Was the Best Choice for Me

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Chose a Private Student Loan

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Private Student Loans: Your Complete Guide

Test Your Knowledge with this Private Student Loan Quiz

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Borrowing for College: How to Keep Costs Down

Modern University Lecture Theatre With Students And Tutor

I Had a 4.0: Here’s Why Community College Was Still the Best Choice

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How to Help a Senior With Plummeting Second Semester Grades

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Summer Jobs That Pay Well and Look Good On College Applications

Girl Opening Letter from University

Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Your Financial Aid Award Letters?

10 Student Enrichment Programs to Have on Your Radar

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I Went to My Safety School and I Love It

Group of college students on university campus

My Work-Study Job Was the Best Part of My Education

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What Parents Should Do After Receiving College Award Letters

Parents and their child discussing alternative ways to pay for college

Should You Consider Alternative Ways to Pay for College?

What to Consider Before Accepting a Scholarship

College students talking in group in classroom

6 Steps to Take with First Generation College Bound Students

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5 Things to Know Before Your Child’s Award Letters Arrive

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How One Family Plans to Send 13 Kids to College

FAFSA Screen grab

Your Guide to Filling Out the FAFSA®

Student on a laptop at home researching how to pay for college without help

How to Pay for College by Yourself

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Quiz: Are You Prepared for the FAFSA®?

How I Improved My ACT® Score in Six Months

Students taking ACT® and SAT® exams in a classroom

The ACT and SAT Exams Are Optional — Should You Still Take Them?

Student sitting at a desk in front of a laptop and looking out a window

I Was Wrong About FAFSA® and It Almost Cost Me Big-Time

Father helping teenage daughter with her homework

Where To Draw The Line In Your Child’s College Application Process

Student at home searching for scholarships on a laptop

How to Find Your Perfect Scholarship Match

Student on their bed writing a letter to themselves in a notebook

What I Wish I Had Known About Paying for College

Student on a laptop at school researching how many colleges to apply to

How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

Student taking notes in a notebook while on a laptop researching prestigious colleges

Applying to a Prestigious College? 5 Things to Consider

Mother and daughter using digital tablet on sofa

Fall for These FAFSA® Myths and You Could Be Losing Free Money


FAFSA 101: Your Financial Aid FAQs Answered

Student practicing their woodworking skills

6 Creative Ways to Cover Your College Costs

Student sitting on the floor looking pensive surrounded by a laptop and printed college award letters

What Your Award Letter Is Really Telling You

Student looking closely at laptop reviewing financial aid award letters

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid Award Letters

Students doing group project in campus library

Is a College Degree Necessary for Success?

Female student looking out in classroom

5 Questions to Ask When Making Your College List

Student researching financial aid options on a laptop

Hit Your Deadlines With This Key Financial Aid Timeline

Parent and child researching online for how to cosign a student loan

The Parent’s Guide to Cosigning a Private Student Loan

Young student doing homework.

With the FAFSA® Complete, Get Ready for Your Next Financial Aid Steps

Can I Estimate My Student's Financial Aid?

Beautiful female student laughing in classroom

What are the FAFSA® Income Requirements?

Student wearing earbuds and smiling while filing out the FAFSA® on a laptop

How Does Citizenship Status Affect the FAFSA®?

Young woman and her mature mom look at something on a laptop as the young woman studies for a college exam.

How Does My Federal Student Loan Debt Impact My Teen’s FAFSA®?

High school students volunteering in the garden to get hands on experience during spring break

5 Things to Do During Spring Break to Prepare for College