From choosing a college  to finding ways to pay for it,  we’ve got you covered.

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Your April Checklist

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Decision Time!

Talk to your parents, teachers, and high school counselor about what school is the best fit, and maybe create a spreadsheet looking at the pros and cons of each choice. You have until Decision Day (May 1) to express your intent to attend. Don’t forget to notify the remaining schools that you will not attend.

Negotiate Financial Aid

If you are hoping for more aid than you received, you can try negotiating your financial aid package. If your family’s financial circumstances changed (such as a job loss) you can contact the financial aid office and request a review.

Send Your Deposit

Once you’ve selected a college, send the deposit in before the deadline, which is typically due May 1 or shortly after.

Study for the AP® Exams

If you’re taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes, your exams should be happening soon. Study up, and consider taking a prep course. Good scores mean you might be able to opt out of some required freshman courses.