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About College Covered®

In 2017, Discover® Student Loans launched—a site designed to guide high school students and their parents through all stages of the college process, from conquering the college essay and application to choosing a college.

Discover Student Loans has always encouraged students to maximize scholarships, grants, and other free financial aid before taking out loans. We know that going to college is a process that starts long before you need to take out a loan and we understand that navigating that process is complex and often daunting. That’s why we created College Covered. We wanted to simplify the information and empower college-bound families with the know-how to plan and pay for college with ease and confidence.

College Covered is a free resource with a wealth of information and tools, including a College Planning Calendar, an Award Letter Comparison Tool, and so much more. The site also provides high school counselors with tools and quick guides to support their students throughout the college application process.

Discover Student Loans is a division of Discover Bank®, a trusted financial institution for over 100 years. The company offers a variety of financial products, including FDIC-insured savings accounts, personal loans, and is well-known for its iconic credit card.