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Breaking Down Your Award Letter

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Experts Break Down a Financial Aid Award Letter


Financial Aid 101: The Award Letter

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Don’t Let These 8 Common Award Letter Mistakes Cost You Money

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Understand Your Financial Aid Award Letters?

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What Parents Should Do After Receiving College Award Letters

Couple sitting at table using digital tablet

What Parents Should Know Before Financial Aid Award Letters Arrive

Student sitting on the floor looking pensive surrounded by a laptop and printed college award letters

What Your Award Letter Is Really Telling You

Student looking closely at laptop reviewing financial aid award letters

Everything You Need To Know About Financial Aid Award Letters

Student reading information on their laptop in preparation to appeal their college rejection letter

4 Steps to Appealing a College Rejection Letter

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Should You Accept All the Federal Student Loans You're Offered?

Student at home using a tablet to submit their enrollment deposit

When Should You Put Down Your College Enrollment Deposit?

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What You Need to Know About Early Decision II

School principal meets with a group of students

Do No-Need Applicants Have an Advantage Over Those Who Need Aid?

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7 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Borrowed Student Loans

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Understand Financial Aid?

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Tips for Borrowing Student Loans

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The Debate: Work-Study vs. Traditional Jobs in College

Parents in their home office making a college prep checklist for their child

What Parents Can Do for Their Kids the Summer Before Senior Year

Nicole Straub, VP of Discover® Student Loans, debunking myths about having a cosigner

To Cosign or Not to Cosign? Your Questions Answered

Portrait of a happy female college student

I Went to My Safety School and I Love It

Student looking at their phone and holding their financial aid letter

6 Effective Things to Say When Negotiating for More Financial Aid

Large group of students writing in notebooks.

Private College vs. State College: The Debate

Parent and their child reviewing student loan options on a laptop

Evaluating Student Loans 101

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5 Things You May Not Know About Athletic Scholarships

Student writing in a notebook next to an open laptop preparing for College Decision Day

5 Things You Need to Do Before College Decision Day

Student researching financial aid options on a laptop

Hit Your Deadlines With This Key Financial Aid Timeline

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With the FAFSA® Complete, Get Ready for Your Next Financial Aid Steps


Can I Estimate My Student's Financial Aid?

High school students volunteering in the garden to get hands on experience during spring break

5 Things to Do During Spring Break to Prepare for College

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COVID-19 Changed Our Finances: How to Get More Financial Aid

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6 Steps to Take If You Don’t Get in Early Action

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6 Questions Counselors Can Ask Students Who Are Considering Early Decision

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Haven’t Started Your College Applications? We’ve Got You Covered

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My Scholarship Changed Everything

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Should I Apply Early Decision? Take This Quiz!

Student at their work-study pointing out information on a computer screen to their manager

5 Must-Do’s for Every Work-Study Student

Full length of smiling teenage girl talking on phone while using laptop in bedroom at home

Best Online Resources for Finding Scholarships

High school counselor and student looking at waitlist information on a computer

What You Can Do to Get Accepted Off a Waitlist

Father helping teenage daughter with her homework

Where To Draw The Line In Your Child’s College Application Process

Student at home searching for scholarships on a laptop

How to Find Your Perfect Scholarship Match

Two college students carrying boxes as they move into college housing

College Housing: Should I Live On Campus or Off Campus?

A smiling man getting his mail from a mailbox

You Got Your Early Decision News. Now What?

Parent and their child smiling and looking off into the distance

How Does My Federal Student Loan Debt Impact My Teen’s FAFSA®?

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