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Student learning how to do building work

Quiz: Should You Go to a Trade School Instead of College?

Depending on your goals, trade school may be a better choice for you than college.

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Quiz: Is Your College List Ready to Go?

Quiz: Is an Out-of-State College Right for You?

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Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Financial Aid?

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Should I Apply Early Decision? Take This Quiz!

Test Your Knowledge with this Private Student Loan Quiz

Girl Opening Letter from University

Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Your Financial Aid Award Letters?

Quiz: How Do I Know If the College I’m Considering Is Right for Me?

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Quiz: Should You Consider Community College First?

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Quiz: Do You Have Senioritis Symptoms?

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Quiz: Are You Prepared for the FAFSA®?

Student preparing for the ACT® and SAT® exams on their laptop

Prep for the ACT® and SAT® Exams with This Learning-Style Quiz

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Quiz: What Club Should I Join in College?

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Quiz: What Type of College is the Best Fit for Me?

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Quiz: Which College Entrance Exam Should You Take

How Might the FAFSA® Simplification Act Affect You?

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How Important Is It to Be Taught by Tenured Professors?

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Should You Accept All the Federal Student Loans You're Offered?

Student studying for AP® exams while wearing headphones and writing in a notebook

How to Study for AP® Exams — 5 Expert Tips

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What You Need to Know About Early Decision II

School principal meets with a group of students

Do No-Need Applicants Have an Advantage Over Those Who Need Aid?

Beyond the Common Application: What is the Coalition Application?

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6 Ways to Improve Your SAT Score That Aren’t Studying

High angle view of Lower East Side Manhattan Downtown, New York City, USA

Small College Towns vs. Colleges in Major Cities

Ivy Covered Northwestern University

Do College Rankings Really Matter?

How I Improved My ACT® Score in Six Months

Parent kissing child on the cheek during high school graduation

The Mixed Emotions of High School Graduation

Student sitting on the floor looking pensive surrounded by a laptop and printed college award letters

What Your Award Letter Is Really Telling You

Student looking out the window and pondering what college to attend

Feeling Indecisive? Here’s How to Make and Trust Your Decisions