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The FAFSA® Opens in December. Here Are 5 Tips to Prepare Now

Here’s what to know about new FAFSA changes and how to best prepare to fill it out come December.


4 Reasons the FAFSA is Easier Than Ever

How Might the FAFSA® Simplification Act Affect You?


Do's and Don’ts of Filling Out the FAFSA®

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What is the FAFSA® Submission Summary

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Your Guide to Filling Out the FAFSA®

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Quiz: Are You Prepared for the FAFSA®?

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Don’t Let These FAFSA® Mistakes Cost You Money

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I Was Wrong About FAFSA® and It Almost Cost Me Big-Time

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Fall for These FAFSA® Myths and You Could Be Losing Free Money


FAFSA 101: Your Financial Aid FAQs Answered

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With the FAFSA® Complete, Get Ready for Your Next Financial Aid Steps

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What are the FAFSA® Income Requirements?

Parent on a laptop reporting their income on the FAFSA® while their child is on the couch in the background

How to Report Your Income on the FAFSA®

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How Reporting a 529 Plan Impacts the FAFSA®

Marital Status and the FAFSA®: Expert Answers to Your Questions

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How Does Citizenship Status Affect the FAFSA®?

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How Does My Federal Student Loan Debt Impact My Teen’s FAFSA®?

How Much Does College Actually Cost?

Financial Experts Share Their Best Advice on Paying for College

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College Enrollment Is Dropping. What Does That Mean as You Apply to College?

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How to Get More Financial Aid When Your Family’s Finances Have Changed

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Should You Accept All the Federal Student Loans You're Offered?

Experts Break Down a Financial Aid Award Letter

Parents and their child talking about paying for college

How to Talk to Parents About Paying for College

Don’t Let These 8 Common Award Letter Mistakes Cost You Money

Does Starting at Community College Really Save Money?

Parents relaxing on the couch while discussing how to save for their child's tuition

My Kid's in High School. How Do I Save for College Now?

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7 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Borrowed Student Loans

Haven’t Started Your College Applications? We’ve Got You Covered

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The Most Important Things Counselors Should Tell Students About Applying for Federal Student Aid

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Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Financial Aid?

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Borrowing for College: How to Keep Costs Down

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8 Tips for Work-Study Success

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6 Work Opportunities Available to College Students

Parents in their home office making a college prep checklist for their child

Senior Year Checklist for Parents: Help Your Child Prepare

What to Do the Summer Before Senior Year

What Your Counselor Wishes You Knew Before Creating Your College List

Federal Student Loans: Your Complete Guide

Girl Opening Letter from University

Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Your Financial Aid Award Letters?

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My Work-Study Job Was the Best Part of My Education

High school counselor using a tablet to help a student appeal their financial aid package

How I Appealed My Financial Aid Package and Got More Money

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What Parents Should Do After Receiving College Award Letters

Parents and their child discussing alternative ways to pay for college

Should You Consider Alternative Ways to Pay for College?

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6 Steps to Take with First Generation College Bound Students

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Advice for Seniors in High School Preparing for College

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5 Things to Know Before Your Child’s Award Letters Arrive

Student looking at their phone and holding their financial aid letter

6 Effective Things to Say When Negotiating for More Financial Aid

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How to Pay for College by Yourself

Divorced parents discussing college applications and financial aid with their child

How to Handle Your Child’s College Process When You’re Divorced

High school student applying to colleges on a tablet

The Unique Challenges of Applying to College as a Refugee

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What I Wish I Had Known About Paying for College

Parent and their child reviewing student loan options on a laptop

Evaluating Student Loans 101

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5 Things You May Not Know About Athletic Scholarships

Student writing in a notebook next to an open laptop preparing for College Decision Day

5 Things You Need to Do Before College Decision Day

Student looking closely at laptop reviewing financial aid award letters

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid Award Letters

Student researching financial aid options on a laptop

Hit Your Deadlines With This Key Financial Aid Timeline

Can I Estimate My Student's Financial Aid?

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Student Aid Report - What You Need to Know