Deciding on which college is best for you comes down to several factors, including how it makes you feel.

After months—even years—of thinking about what college you should attend, it may surprise you that the choice isn’t crystal clear. However, uncertainty in the college selection process actually isn’t uncommon. Doubt and anxiety are normal byproducts of making big decisions, so this feeling you have about making your college choice is normal.

There’s no “aha” moment, but little details will add up. Can you imagine yourself as part of the student body? Does the school fit into your financial framework? Were you excited, nervous, or a little bit of both when you visited? Asking yourself these types of questions can you narrow down your choices.

If you aren’t sure you’re picking the right college or think you know where you want to go but want a second opinion, this quiz can help. It asks the important questions which can help guide you toward the best decision for you.

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