Oct 14, 2016

Make the Dorm Room Yours


Make the Dorm Room Yours

Simple Rules for Decorating Your Space

Dorm rooms are generally one-size-fits-all living spaces. So what can you do to make your room feel more like home? Here are some fun and practical ideas for decorating your room with a personal touch.

The Bed

Pick out an armrest pillow for cozy studying. Invest in high-quality, extra-long sheets. Add risers underneath your best to expand your storage space.

The Walls

Hang banners, flags or posters of your favorite band or movie. Stick on some wall decals to create an interesting mural. Create photo collages with pictures of your friends, family and pets.

The Desk

Use knick-knacks or paperweights as bookends to add a personal touch. Put up a bulletin board where you can pin flyers for upcoming events. Choose a desk calendar with a theme you like or some inspirational quotes.

Perfect Lighting

Hang some decorative string lights on your bedframe or walls to add a fun accent. Pick out a nice standing lamp to brighten your space.

Add Some Color

Include some potted plants to add just the right amount of green to your space. Lay a colorful rug in the center of your room for additional style and comfort. Add a butterfly or beanbag chair for extra seating.

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