If you believe that love is love and are committed to supporting a spectrum of sexualities, genders, and identities, why not look for a college that promotes those values as well?

While most colleges do pride themselves on their inclusive campuses and cultures, here are seven schools to consider adding to your college list that go above and beyond being LGBTQ+ friendly.

1. Barnard College in New York City

Barnard prides itself on its welcoming environment. When referring to the wide variety of sexualities and gender identities represented in its student body, Barnard uses the acronym LGBTQIA+ to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and nonbinary communities. Barnard is also home to the Columbia Queer Alliance—the oldest student organization of its kind in the United States. The school also provides gender pronouns and inclusivity workshops—which are available to all faculty, staff, and students—as well as gender-neutral and gender-inclusive restrooms.

2. University of Houston in Houston, Texas

The University of Houston is a particularly friendly school for trans students. It hosts a Voice Evaluation and Intervention clinic for students who want to develop voice masculinization or feminization. The student health center also offers counseling, hormone therapy, and assistance with sexual reassignment for its trans population.

3. University of Maine at Machias in Machias, Maine

UMM hosts the Washington County LGBT Circle, a community outreach group for LGBTQ+ and their allies. The LGBT Circle is open to the public and organizes the Rainbow Ball, a statewide weekend of events culminating around a prom for LGBTQ+ students, friends, and allies. The Rainbow Ball originated on UMM’s campus and has evolved to include schools throughout the entire state.

4. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Michigan’s Spectrum Center offers gender and sexuality support services, mentorship, and drop-in support groups. Through the center, the university works closely with Ann Arbor’s human rights commission to pass local ordinances relating to LGBTQ+ life quality. Academically, there’s an LGBTQ+ minor available within the Women’s Studies department.

5. University of Minnesota Morris in Morris, Minnesota

UMM’s Safe Zone Program is a unique group dedicated to creating LGBTQ+ safe spaces and educating LGBTQ+ allies and advocates in relevant social justice issues. The university’s Carlson School of Management offers LGBTQ+ specific networking opportunities throughout its business and management programs. There’s even a group on campus—the Lavender Celebration Graduation Cohort—that provides LGBTQ+ grads with rainbow tassels for their caps.

6. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

The LGBT Center at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest university LGBTQ+ centers in the country and the largest center of its kind on any campus. Representing a student’s whole identity—not just their LGBTQ+ identity—is paramount at the University of Pennsylvania, which is host to 25 LGBTQ+ student groups. For example, there’s a First Generation Low Income Queer (FGLI-Q) group. The university strives to identify LGBTQ+ students’ needs and support them with tailored on-campus groups.

7. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

This school has been the proud host of the annual Eau Queer Film Festival since 2010, providing a venue for the screening and discussion of queer films. It also hosts the annual Fire Ball—a celebrity-headlined drag-ball extravaganza with proceeds going to LGBTQ+ related charities. Additionally, it has several LGBTQ+ opportunities within its academic offerings, including the sociology of sexualities, gender and sex history, and queer theory.

An inclusive community makes for an enriching environment for everyone on campus. These are just a few highlights of the many schools that foster a welcoming culture.

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