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Get advice on how you can help your child pay for college and learn about how other parents are preparing for the next phase of their child’s life.

Parents talking with other parents at their child's college orientation

6 Reasons Parents Should Attend College Orientation

Parent college orientation sessions are a great way to dispel some of your worries and help you get the important information you need about your student's transition to college.

Parent helping their second child with an online college application

This Mom Revamps Approach to Helping Her Second Kid with College

Mother and daughter together on sofa using laptop computer

5 Ways Parents Can Power Through the College Application Process

Marital Status and the FAFSA®: Expert Answers to Your Questions

Off to College? 8 College Moving Tips Parents Recommend

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What Parents Should Do After Receiving College Award Letters

Parent and their child taking a selfie near their car

The Debate: Should Parents Post About Their Kid’s College Acceptances on Social Media?

High school counselor meeting with parents to discuss the college admissions process

Advice for Parents About College Admissions

Divorced parents discussing college applications and financial aid with their child

How to Handle Your Child’s College Process When You’re Divorced

High school student and teacher in computer lab

What College Prep Resources Are Worth the Money?

Parents relaxing on the couch while discussing how to save for their child's tuition

My Kid's in High School. How Do I Save for College Now?

Father helping daughter moving to college dormitory

What Parents Need to Do for a Smooth Freshman Move-in Day

Young woman and her mature mom look at something on a laptop as the young woman studies for a college exam.

How Does My Federal Student Loan Debt Impact My Teen’s FAFSA®?

Parent on a laptop reporting their income on the FAFSA® while their child is on the couch in the background

How to Report Your Income on the FAFSA®

Parents and their child discussing alternative ways to pay for college

Should You Consider Alternative Ways to Pay for College?

Woman and teenage girl using laptops while man boy standing in kitchen at home

Your Child’s College Decision: How to Help Without Overstepping

Parents at the kitchen table discussing finances and planning for college

5 Financial Changes Parents Should Make If They’re Paying for College

Couple sitting at table using digital tablet

5 Things to Know Before Your Child’s Award Letters Arrive

High angle view of father and daughter talking while sitting on sofa by window at home

Conversations You Should Have with Your Kid Before the First Tuition Payment

Father and son using laptop in living room

The Class Every Parent Should Teach: Money Management 101

Parent and child doing dishes while discussing the final semester of high school

How to Make the Most of the Final Semester with Your Teen

Parent and child researching online for how to cosign a student loan

The Parent’s Guide to Cosigning a Private Student Loan

Father helping teenage daughter with her homework

Where To Draw The Line In Your Child’s College Application Process

Parents in their home office making a college prep checklist for their child

Senior Year Checklist for Parents: Help Your Child Prepare

Student holding books while standing outside their parent’s car

How to Deal with Empty Nest Syndrome