More than 2 million members of the class of 2016 took an ACT test, while another 1.68 million sat for the SATs.

Many of them took it twice or even three times, often both during their junior years and again at the beginning of their senior years, working toward a score that could tip the admissions scales in their favor. Needless to say, for many college-bound students, learning about, studying for and taking these college admission exams is a fact of life. But how do you decide which exam to take in the first place?

Neil Chyten, founder and president of the Boston-based test prep company Chyten Education, suggests starting with an informal assessment of your academic strengths. Do you excel in analysis? Do you read and comprehend information quickly? “Students who need a bit more time to read accurately or who prefer questions that follow the natural order of a passage would benefit from taking the SAT,” he says. “Students who excel in science or geometry or who write strong comparison essays are most likely better suited to take the ACT.”

But that’s just the beginning. This handy quiz can help guide you toward the best exam (or exams) for you.