Money Management 101

Create a Budget

Make a plan for your income and expenses—and practice using your budget before you start college. 

Stretch Your Meals

✔ Reserve eating out     for special occasions. ✔ Stretch meal plans     with to-go boxes. ✔ Make meals in your     dorm.

Look for  Fuel Points

Some grocery stores let you earn points that can be used for free gas.

Take Advantage of Thrift Stores

Buy and sell gently used clothes online at sites like thredUP and Poshmark. Check out local thrift stores too.

Look for Student Discounts

Use your student ID to get discounts at movies, restaurants, stores, museums, and more. 

Buy Books Like a Pro

✔ Compare prices online. ✔ Shop early for better     deals. ✔ Look for used books     and older editions. ✔ Rent books or share          them with a classmate.

Make Money on Old Books

Sell books as soon as the semester ends.

Be Smart About Insurance

✔ Stay on your parents'     health and car     insurance. ✔ Look for student     insurance plans.

Save Money on Prescriptions

Check for discounts for filling prescriptions at a certain pharmacy or using mail order.

Use Online Budgeting Tools

They can make budgeting easier and prevent overspending.

Be Persistent

Stick with it even if you get off track.

College Planning Calendar

Stay on track as you navigate each step of the college planning process.