8 Ways to Strategize Application Season

Organize Your Deadlines A tool like the College Planning Calendar can help you stay on track month by month.

Minimize Test Retakes Taking a standardized test more than twice can be a time suck. Focus on other parts of your app instead.

Have at least three schools on your list that fit your academic profile and you’re excited about potentially attending.

Create a List of Likely Schools

Talk With Your Parents If your parents or guardians are helping pay for school, they have a say. Set aside time each week to talk about applications.

Focus on Your Path Try not to compare yourself with friends. If necessary, consider creating a ‘no college talk’ rule when you hang out.

If you can’t visit campus, take virtual tours, explore the website, and follow on social media.

Get to Know Your Schools

Try Not to Get Stressed Make sure to take time for friends, hobbies, and just relaxing.

Get Excited No matter where you go, opportunity awaits.

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