Your Guide to Filling Out the FAFSA

If your financial circumstances have changed due to COVID-19, you should still complete the FAFSA® based on the information in your tax return. Then contact the colleges where you are applying to discuss any changes. Click here for more information.

Every year, high school grads walk away from billions — as much as $2.7 billion in 2015 — in free federal grant money that could help pay for college, according to NerdWallet. Why? Because they don’t fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, aka the FAFSA®.

With nearly 130 questions and the need to provide financial information for both you and your parents, the FAFSA can seem daunting. But failing to file it can mean losing out on free money. So here are a few tips and stats to help you get started.

FAFSA is a registered service mark of the U.S. Department of Education.