When high school ends, friendships may be tested. Some students move away for college, while others stay in their hometown. Saying goodbye to your friends is never easy — but it can be especially tough if you’re staying local and your friends are moving away. These tips will help maintain your friendship, even as you become physically farther apart.

Schedule a regular time to catch up

Once school starts, you’ll all be busy with classes, activities and campus life. Planning a time to check-in will ensure you all save some time to chat without distractions. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, planning in advance will prevent too much time from passing between catch-ups.

Keep in mind, one of the keys to maintaining a close relationship is regularity. The more times you skip a call, the more you’ll start to grow apart. So make an effort to be available, and don’t hesitate to text, instant message or otherwise chat between your scheduled touch points.

Immerse yourself in your own college experience

Your friends will be busy acclimating to their new homes. Instead of thinking about how much you miss them, remember to enjoy your own college experience by exploring your own campus and making some new friends. After all, you’re in college too. Having your own new experiences will help distract you from missing your friends and ensure you have some interesting experiences to share when you do catch up.

Plan a road trip

Technology is great for maintaining regular contact, but it does not replace seeing your friends face-to-face.

Once you’re settled in with your classes, try to plan a visit if possible. Stay with a friend for the weekend, see their campus, and meet their college friends. Experiencing what they go through on a daily basis will help you feel more connected and give you a better understanding of their life at college.

How great would it be to recognize and even know the people and places they refer to when they are telling you about their life? There’s no need to go every weekend, but going to see them every once in a while will show your friend how much you care.

Catch up when they’re home

It may sound silly if you live in their hometown, but sometimes it takes an invitation for someone to feel welcome, so invite your friends to visit you. Plus, just because you haven’t left home doesn’t mean your life hasn’t changed. Invite them to tour your campus, check out your clubs and meet your college friends, so they can understand what your days are like too.

Of course, the easiest way to meet up is when your friends come home for breaks. Find out when they’ll be around in advance so you can plan to see them. Invite them over, go out to lunch and visit your favorite haunts. Making the most of the time you have together is the best way to keep your relationship going strong.