With college applications, entrance exams and the general hustle and bustle of high school, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that your high school years are coming to a close. Don’t let them pass you by! From after-school clubs to attending a dance, here are a few ways to make your senior year a memorable one.

Finish your college applications

Finalize your list of schools and get your applications in. It might seem early, but you’ll only get busier as you get deeper into the semester, and next thing you know, your college applications will be due. By getting this taken care of early, you have more time to not only go over your applications and check for mistakes, but you also won’t be cramming in writing application essays last minute in addition to your schoolwork. As a bonus for starting early, if you have friends who are looking at the same schools, plan a trip together to explore campuses too.

Check out a new club

Did you ever think about joining the gaming club that meets during lunch but didn’t want to miss out on time with friends? This is the time to finally stop in — whether your interests lie in science, chess, writing or something else, there’s a good chance there’s a club for that. If you aren’t sure which club to join, consider something related to your intended college major to see if it’s something you’d actually enjoy. Check your school’s morning announcements or guidance office to see what’s available. Lots of clubs also offer opportunities to volunteer, which look great on college applications and résumés.

Attend school events

Whether your thing is sports, theater or watching the class jokester work for laughs, make an effort to attend some events. Senior year is the last time all of your friends will be in one place, and these events can serve as the perfect gathering point. In addition to performances and talent shows, some schools may host cookouts or special film nights. Check with your school, and start coming up with some fun plans.

Save the last dance

Time to start looking at corsages and getting your friends together. Whether you choose to go to homecoming, winter formal, prom or all three, don’t skip out! These dances are a great opportunity to dress up, smile for the camera and create fun memories with your high school friends.

Don’t forget to make time for your family

In less than a year, you might be in a dorm, and possibly miles away — so take advantage of your time now to see the people special to you. It might not seem like that much fun to skip hanging out with friends and watch a movie with your parents, but you’ll appreciate those times soon.

Take advantage of senior benefits, but keep an eye out for senioritis

Now that you’re at the top, you’ve got plenty of perks waiting for you. Parking spots, special senior events, senior trip — if it’s offered, take advantage. After all, this is your time to celebrate all that hard work. If you’ve thought ahead and got most of those required courses out of the way, you’ve earned the right to take that fun class you’ve always been curious about or even enjoy a free period if you’re lucky. Just don’t forget there’s still plenty of work to do: your final transcript does matter. Keep up with assignments, but make sure to keep a healthy balance between your classes and your social life to make your senior year memorable.