You may have a college acceptance in hand, but that doesn't mean your college-prep work is over just yet.

Before you walk the stage in your cap and gown, there are still several crucial tasks to cross off your list to set yourself up for college success. A few of them are outlined below and the rest are available to you through the College Planning Calendar, a customizable tool built to help you stay on track as you navigate your next steps in these final months of high school.

Search for New Scholarships

Once you’ve submitted your last college admission application, it can feel like the bulk of your work is done. With this huge hurdle cleared, turn your attention to your scholarship search. Wanda Montañez, senior director of college success at Chyten Education, explains, “There are still many scholarships available with spring deadlines. Don’t let them pass you by.” You may even be able to reuse your admission application materials for scholarship applications.

Start by looking into scholarships you can apply for outside of the financial aid process. Use online scholarship search sites and remember to search locally in your community for scholarships that are a fit. Don’t overlook scholarships with smaller awards, either. These scholarships add up and often have less competition than larger awards.  

Submit Enrollment Paperwork

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to take care of the acceptance paperwork. Monica Logar, a high school counselor at Saint Martin de Porres High School in Cleveland, reminds seniors to “submit enrollment forms and deposits to your college of choice by May 1st.” And be sure to pay attention if paperwork or payment for your school is due earlier than this general deadline. Failure to submit your materials and deposit on time could result in your acceptance being revoked so it can be given to someone on the waitlist.

Mind Your Manners

Although you may be looking forward to building a new community when you head off to college, you shouldn’t forget the high school community that helped get you to where you are now. Montañez suggests “writing thank you notes to everyone who wrote you a letter of recommendation or helped you substantially with the college process.” Make these notes personal and sincere. A hand-delivered or mailed card is always a nice touch.

Make College Living Decisions

After taking care of your enrollment paperwork, it’s time to make smaller decisions about life on campus. This includes applying for housing, determining meal plans and securing health insurance if needed. It’s also a good time to log in to your online student portal and set up your account. Online portals are how you can manage your financial aid, tuition payments and course registration, as well as get important information from the school, even before the fall semester begins.

For the rest of the items on your senior spring must-do list, set up your own checklist through the College Planning Calendar. You’ll find resources on finalizing your finances, making plans for the summer and information to prepare you for freshman orientation ― all personalized to exactly where you are in your process.