While you may be thrilled at the prospect of (finally) moving out on your own, you probably also know that there is going to be a period of adjustment to dorm life. In addition to getting used to no longer living under your parents’ roof, you may also have to learn to live with one or more roommates.

One key to making a roommate situation work is keeping your room and your things organized. To do that, you’ll need to be smart about what you’re bringing and how organized you are off the bat.

Here are some steps to help you pack appropriately.

Sort before your start packing

Take some time over the summer to go through your things and select which items you want to take with you. Be realistic about what you’ll actually need in your first few months of school. If you’re able to leave things at home, consider packing light and bringing more belonging later as you need them. Packing only clothes that you need for the fall, for instance, can help ensure you don’t over pack — especially if you’ll be coming home for Thanksgiving and can swap out summer items for warmer clothes. Your packing approach may be different if you’re moving to a new climate or to someplace where you won’t make frequent trips back home.

Pack a few items that will remind you of home, too. Photos of family and friends don’t take up much space and can help personalize your space when hung on a wall. Remember that you’ll likely acquire more things while you’re at school, and your parents can always ship you items that you discover that you need later.

Coordinate with your roommates

There’s no reason to bring two refrigerators or two microwaves. Decide with your roommate ahead of time what appliances you want in your room, and coordinate who will bring each item. If neither of you has these already, discuss how you’ll purchase them (through the school or on your own) and how you’ll split the costs. While many students also share televisions, you may be able to skip that expense entirely and stream programming on your laptop or tablet. If you’re living in a suite with a common sink and dining area, you may also need to decide whether or not to bring or purchase silverware and plates. You’ll probably realize you need a few more shared items once you’ve moved in. A roommate trip to a local big box store to stock up on supplies in the first week of school can be a great bonding experience.

Get room details and plan accordingly

Most schools will give you a breakdown of what type of furniture is included in the room, including the size of desks and closets. Find out how the beds are arranged and whether they can be put on risers to create additional storage space underneath or stacked bunk-bed style. Many dorm rooms are short on storage, so you may need to bring additional crates or containers to help organize your stuff.

Find out the dimensions of the room, too, especially if you’re planning on bringing extra furniture like chairs or futons. That way you won’t lug up those bulky items only to find out that they won’t fit.

Moving from your childhood home into your college dorm room as an important rite of passage. Planning ahead of time can make the process as seamless as possible.