Dorm life is a pretty fantastic way to live, but it can also be pretty regulated.

Campus housing comes with a long list of rules and restrictions. Most of the rules keep students safe and are very understandable — no smoking, no hot pots, no overnight guests for more than three days. However, there may be some items included in the campus housing rules that seem less standard and maybe even odd. Here are a few of the weirdest dorm room restrictions out there.

1. No Candles With Wicks  

Lots of colleges have a no-candle rule in their dorms, but Oberlin College permits “candles with wicks removed.” However, candles without wicks can’t burn, which means they’re not really candles — making this rule a bummer for candle lovers. You could always go the battery-powered candle route if candles are a must-have, but they’re not quite the same.

2. Decorations Can Only Cover 10 Percent of Your Door

At Chico State University in California, there are a couple of very sensible rules for dorm doors — materials used for decoration cannot be flammable, nor can they impede the door in any way. Both of those guidelines make a lot of fire safety sense. Then there’s the 10-percent rule, which actually states that students can’t cover more than 2.4 square feet of their door with decor. If you factor in the name placards your RA made everyone on the hall, that’s not a lot of space for personal decorations.

3. No Trampolines, Swimming Pools or Hot Tubs

Williams College specifically prohibits trampolines, swimming pools and hot tubs from its dorms. Yes, there are small-ish trampolines that could fit in a dorm room, and there are children’s swimming pools that could feasibly pop up when a campus is seized by spring fever. But hot tubs? Did someone at Williams College once try to bring a hot tub to school? If so, that person would either be the best roommate or the worst.

4. No Private Businesses

Future Mark Zuckerbergs, take note: Ithaca College prohibits students from running a private business out of campus housing. While it’s hard to imagine the school cracking down on crafters selling their wares on Etsy, the official rule is no private businesses. While this does leave a loophole for publicly traded companies, it doesn’t seem likely any would have dorm room headquarters.

5. No Fog Machines

Year-round Halloween parties? Students from the Pacific Northwest trying to recreate their home climate? A Meat Loaf music-video taping? What could have prompted Bowdoin College to need to ban fog machines? There is some hope for fog lovers though: You can have a fog machine with written approval from the Office of Residence Life.

Ultimately, rules are rules, and most are meant to keep students safe. So, it’s important to follow them. Yes, even the super-weird ones.