If you’re already in college, you’ve heard them. If you’ve visited a college, you’ve heard them. And if you’re on your way to college, you will hear them.

The superstitions, the urban legends and the just plain crazy stories are different from college to college, but they permeate campuses across the country. Many you will be tempted to believe while some you will want to forget, but they all seem to do one thing exceptionally well: bond students together.

While you’ll get wind of various versions of the same ghost story at just about every campus, not all superstitions, legends and folklore are dark. These seven bizarre and delightful stories are proof.

The Lucky Albino Squirrel at University of Texas at Austin

Students at UT Austin who spot one of the campus’ “albino squirrels” before a test are said to be guaranteed an A. Hopefully, said test won’t cover squirrel breeds since the so-called albino squirrel is really a white fox squirrel.

Shoe Tree at Murray State University

At Murray State in Kentucky, couples who nail their shoes — one from each person — to a specific tree become not just sole mates but also soul mates for life. The tradition began in the mid ’60s, and the school is now on its third tree. The first two were both struck by lightning, with the second coming down for safety reasons in 2015.

Zombie Monkeys at Reed College

Mutant albino monkeys are rumored to live in the canyon next to Reed College in Oregon. According to Reed College: Off the Record, they were created by a rogue professor in an underground lab and eventually freed by an animal-rights group. They now wander the canyon at night. Seeing one isn’t bad luck per se — unless you count coming face-to-face with a zombie monkey bad luck in and of itself.

The Long Walk at Ohio State University

Ohio State students and alumni who want to get engaged will often do the Long Walk — a quarter-mile stroll down the center of the Oval, the campus’ circular main quad  — hand in hand before their proposal. It’s a little more complicated than it sounds though: nobody is allowed to cross your path and the bells in Orton Tower must be ringing.

4.0 Ball at University of California, Berkeley

If you want good grades at Cal, rub — or kiss, if you’re feeling daring — the 4.0 Ball before an exam. The granite orb has sat outside Sather Tower, the campus’ famous clock tower better  known as the Campanile, for more than a century, but the tradition of rubbing it prior to a test began a few years ago. While it’s not clear what made it catch on so quickly, it’s likely a cleaner, quicker alternative to a 100-year-plus tradition at Berkeley: rolling down 4.0 Hill.

Lucky Disco Trays at Hendrix College

What may at first appear to be an old cafeteria tray from the ‘60s is, in fact, an old cafeteria tray from the ‘60s, but it’s also a good luck charm at Hendrix College in Arkansas. The relics, which are believed to have always been sparkly, are still in daily rotation, standing out from their newer, less-glittery brethren. Anyone who grabs one is said to be blessed with the luck of the sparkle, no doubt a campus legend passed down from one class to another.

Dooley, the Class-Dismissing Skeleton at Emory University

Dooley — spirit of Emory, lord of misrule and unofficial faculty member with his own curriculum vitae — is more lore than legend. The skeleton first appeared in the Georgia school’s literary journal in 1899 and developed an elaborate backstory before becoming a campus fixture in the ’40s. The best part is that he has the power to dismiss any class he walks into during Dooley Week, a spirit week that occurs each spring.