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Application Process

Learn how to balance senior year and college applications, get expert tips for AP® exams, and help talking to admissions officers to prepare for college.

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Students doing group project in campus library

Is a College Degree Necessary for Success?

A college degree is a prerequisite for many jobs. But as some employers are dropping degree requirements, is a college degree worth it?

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The Mixed Emotions of High School Graduation

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QUIZ: What College Club Should I Join?

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Private College vs. State College: The Debate

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How to Study for AP® Exams — 5 Expert Tips

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How to Maximize a Campus Tour Over a School Break

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How to Study for the ACT® and SAT® Exams

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How to Balance Senior Year and College Applications

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The ACT and SAT Exams Are Optional — Should You Still Take Them?

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6 Ways the Pandemic May Influence College Admissions Trends

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Feeling Indecisive? Here's How to Make (and Trust) Your Decisions

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QUIZ: What Type of College is the Best Fit for Me?

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Major Ways COVID Changed the SAT® and ACT® Exams

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7 Schools to Consider If You Don’t Test Well

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5 Lawyers Share Their College Major and Whether It Helped Their Careers

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Quiz: Should You Consider Community College First?

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How to Go to College With Your High School Friends and Still Meet New People

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5 Colleges for Serious Video Gamers

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How to Find Alumni and Talk to Them

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How to Prepare for an Overnight Stay at a University

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College Housing: Should I Live On Campus or Off Campus?

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What are the Pros and Cons of Having a College Roommate?

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How I Improved My SAT Score Without a Class or Tutor

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What It’s Like Going to a College That Doesn’t Give Traditional Grades

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7 Uniquely LGBTQ-Friendly Campuses

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How to Communicate with Admissions Officers When You’re Applying to College

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Best Study Tips from Successful College Students

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7 Ways to Make Your College Application Essay Stand Out

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The Debate: College Meal Plan vs. No Meal Plan

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I Went to My Reach School. Here's What Happened.

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What Makes a Good College Essay Topic?

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Are Legacy Applicants Really More Likely To Get Into A College?

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5 Unique Schools to Consider If You Want to Be an Engineer

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How to Prepare If College Is Your First Time Away From Home

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College Enrollment Is Dropping. What Does That Mean as You Apply to College?

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9 Eco-Friendly Campuses to Consider for Your College List

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How to Get the Most Out of Every Campus Visit

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QUIZ: Is an Out-of-State College Right for You?

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How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

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How to Study for Your Final Exams Like a College Student

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SAT® Advice for Students Who Don’t Excel at Math

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5 Tips to Master the College Application Essay

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What to Do If You Don't Like Your Freshman Orientation

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Prep for the ACT® and SAT® Exams with This Learning-Style Quiz

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I Had a 4.0: Here’s Why Community College Was Still the Best Choice

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5 Fine Arts Majors Share Their First Jobs

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QUIZ: Should You Go to a Trade School Instead of College?

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6 Types of Essays College Admissions Officers Are Tired of Reading

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Which College Entrance Exam Should You Take

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The Essay That Got Me Into College: My Summer at the Mall

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How to Get the Real Story About Campus Life

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Is Your College List Ready to Go?

Sarah Ramsey, a high school English teacher, sharing tips to help students get started on college essays

Getting Started on Your College Essays

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6 Questions to Ask Your Roommate Before You Move In

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Do College Rankings Really Matter?

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How to Revise and Proofread Your College Essay

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Everything You Need to Know to Conquer the SAT Essay

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7 Unexpected Campus Tour Questions That Are Really Helpful

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How to Know If a School Truly Cares About Diversity and Inclusion

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English Majors Share Their First Jobs and Salaries

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How to Write Admission Essays That Get You Noticed and Get You In

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5 Real Students Share Why They Love Their City Campuses

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What It’s Like to Live With a Total Stranger Freshman Year

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How to Get Over Writer’s Block

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What Your Counselor Wishes You Knew Before Creating Your College List

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5 Expert-Approved Tips for Networking at a College Fair

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I Skipped My Freshman Orientation

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SAT or ACT Test: Which is Right for You?

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The Debate: Go Away to College or Stay Local?

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How I Drastically Raised My ACT® Score in Six Months

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7 College Packing Tips for Your Freshman Move

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Big City vs. College Town: The Debate

Student using a packing tape dispenser to seal a cardboard box

5 Freshman Move Challenges I Totally Didn't Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

All US colleges accept both the ACT and the SAT exams. Taking a practice test of both can help you decide which one may be the best one for you. That said, more and more colleges are making standardized testing optional. Talk with your guidance counselor about your college list and come up with a testing strategy together.


SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this site.


ACT® is a trademark registered by ACT, Inc., which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse this site.

Early action and early decision are college application methods in which you get an acceptance decision before standard admissions decisions are sent out in the spring. In general, early decision is binding: You have agreed to attend the college, unless there is a financial reason you’re unable to do so. Early action is not binding: You know your acceptance status but do not have to commit until spring.

Deciding how many colleges to apply to is a personal decision. A rule of thumb is anywhere between 5 and 8, but your guidance counselor can help you come up with a target number that’s right for you. In general, it can be a good idea to include at least one safety school (a school you’re likely to get into) and a “reach” school (a competitive school that has a low acceptance rate, or a school whose admissions requirements may be at or above your high school résumé). Remember, there are a lot of materials to submit when applying to college, so having too many on your list may feel overwhelming.

college essay is a chance for the admissions officer to see a side of you that they may not see on your transcripts and résumé. It can be about anything important to you, and the moment you write about doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. Even writing about a summer job can be a great topic. Above all, the essay should be well-written, insightful, and express your true personality.

Rolling admission means colleges review applications as they are submitted. That means that you may receive your decision from them before you hear from other colleges. Rolling admissions applications still typically have a deadline for the last day materials are due.

Communicating with an admissions officer can be beneficial. Not only can they answer any questions you might have about their school, but communicating with them can express your interest in the college, which can reflect positively in your admissions folder. Come up with questions you are curious about before a tour or a college fair. Asking about programs, study abroad opportunities, and campus life are all great places to start.

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